Climate Activ Blue isn’t just stylish. 

This intelligent glass reflects over

60% of the sun’s solar energy,

so your new conservatory won’t

become unbearably hot in Summer

Solar glare is reduced too, creating 

a beautifully ambient environment.

Climate Privacy

Our latest roof glass to protect your privacy.

With a lightly treated surface that makes it impossible to see

through from above, Climate 

Privacy is ideal for overlooked


But while your neighbours        won’t be able to see in, Climate Privacy allows in  natural light so you can enjoy the conservatory during the Summer months.

All the benefits of Climate Activ Blue without the tint.

Climate Activ Neutral

Climate Activ Neutral offers the insulation and self‐cleaning properties of Activ Blue, but      without the tint.

Ideal for the side‐frames in your conservatory, or on certain conservatory installations where exposure to sunlight is reduced. Activ Neutral combines all the  benefits of Climate with  a clear finish.

Roof Glass Options

Climate Aqua

Roof glass. With the ability to block up to 72% of the suns rays, Climate Aqua H.P will keep your conservatory cool in  Summer, enabling you to enjoy it on even the hottest of days. Climate Aqua H.P also significantly reduces heat loss,meaning   you can turn the heating down

 and save money whilst  protecting the environment.

The intelligent glass incorporates a permanent self‐

cleaning coating that will break down dirty residue and

keep your conservatory cleaner for longer. Like all Climate products,  Aqua H.P features argon  gas filling

and warm edge  technology which improves insulation

and can reduce condensation.

Climate Activ Blue

With its crisp blue finish,

Climate Blue is a stunning

addition to your conservatory.