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The unique aluminium floor support system offers great strength and lightness coupled with corrosion resistance and compatibility with other materials.

The ground fixing system gives great rigidity and strength whilst allowing adjustment of floor height when needed.
Our base has excellent thermal qualities and is incredibly strong, impact and fire resistant.

Installation is much quicker than with a conventional building which means less disruption and stress for you the customer.(Installation is also much less weather dependant).

There is much less mess than with a conventional base.
No skips on your new block paving, no cement mixers, piles of sand bricks blocks etc, and if you are a keen gardener, no one trampling underfoot your prize begonias!

The base is unaffected by tree roots or subsidence ground drying out etc and can be built on uneven and sloping sites.It can also can be built in place difficult to access ie terraced houses etc.

Existing drains manholes etc can be easily accommodated.

Underfloor heating can be easily installed, eliminating the need for radiators and expensive plumbing.
Also easy to install tiles laminated floors carpets etc.
If required the conservatory could be dismantled and re-erected elsewhere.

In some circumstances it can be extended to give more space at a later date.

 Livingrooms bases are surprisingly good value, so don’t hesitate get a quote Now!